Classikool Holi Throwing Colours

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Ever had a water balloon fight? Ever been paintballing? Ever heard of Holi Colours? Classikool Holi Throwing Colours combine all the fun elements of a water fight and the excitement of a paintballing match whilst adding so much colour and fun.

Holi Colour Festivals are celebrations that bring you right back to your childhood where fun was the only goal!
Originating in India Holi Colours have be thrown into the party and celebration scene all over the west. They are used and loved on fun runs, parties, celebrations, weddings, festivals & many more events!

Whether you are a seasoned party planner or planning your first party, Classikool Holi Colours offer a colourful, fun and different way to celebrate. All while being child-safe, non-toxic, non-staining & non-flammable.

We even do a UV range which are perfect for dark or night time events! Shine in the dark and have fun making others shine too!
Once the fun is over and the party ends you’ll rest easy knowing our Holi Colours wash away with ease either in rain or from a quick hose down. Hair and clothes can be washed as normal.

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Enjoy our Holi Colours, and have fun!

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