Classikool *New Plant Based* Ethical Spoon Straws for Slush Puppy, Milkshakes & Smoothie Drinks

  • £2.99

These PLA straws are a greener alternative to regular plastic straws:

They're made from renewable plant-based materials that require 68% fewer fossil fuel resources to produce than traditional plastic.

From slushies to milkshakes, our straws are perfect for getting the last little bits of your favourite cold drinks.

  • They are biodegradable and can be composted under specific conditions.

  • They go hand in hand with Classikool Slush Syrup.

  • Individually counted then weighed.

  • Length 200mm / 8 Inches approx.

  • Width is 6mm.

  • Clean & Hygienic.

  • All packs will contain mixed colours that may vary from the photos given.

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Not suitable for use in hot drinks.
Not suitable for use by very young children without adult supervision.

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