Classikool 1kg Candy Melts with 200 x Surprise Colour Pop Sticks Set

  • £16.99

Once you've tried our Candy Melts, your heart will melt too (they're that good!)
They work as a brilliant chocolate alternative and taste amazing.

This set comes with 1kg Candy Melts and 200 x 7.5cm Pop Sticks in random surprise colours.

Perfect for cake pops, as well as for making sweets for children's parties and all sorts of baked snacks.

Get baking and spread some smiles.

~ ~ ~

How to melt:
First method (we prefer this one):
Simply pop some into a bowl above hot water until they melt into a creamy liquid, then pour into molds or dip in those cake pops!

Second method:
If you want to use the microwave, make sure you do this in 10 to 15 second bursts and stir the melts between every burst of the microwave. This will ensure that you do not burn the melts.
If you do go a little too far with the microwave, just add a little vegetable oil to the melts and stir until they are back to normal.

~ ~ ~

Contains Milk & Soya Lecithins. May contain traces of nuts.
Care should be taken when handling melted Candy Melts when hot.