Classikool 1kg Glycerine Soap Loaf Bar: Handmade & Gentle, Choose an Essential Oil

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Our 1kg handmade bar soap is glycerine based and suited for making smaller soaps at home. Cut it to any size!

Made in the United Kingdom using the cold pressed method, keeping the good stuff in. The selected natural ingredients are kind to your precious skin.

This range of soap bars is Naked: clear, simple, natural, vegan friendly and SLS & paraben free. Just pick an essential oil fragrance!

How to use:
Our soap is gentle, suitable for use on the face, body and scalp.
The bar softly foams and cleans, with the pleasant fragrance of your choice.
Rinse away with water.

Popular for its herbal aroma.

A unique fruity fragrance.

Known for its strong fragrance and anti fungal properties.

A great oil for people with colds or flu. Popular for its strong scent and antibacterial properties.

A "gamey" fragrance popular in aromatherapy and massage.

World known for its calming properties and for helping people with trouble sleeping.

Fruity and fresh, great for people with a cold and for chilly days.

Another fruity fragrance that lifts spirits and helps with alertness.

Popular as a perfume oil and for aromatherapy. A world famous scent.

Minty and cooling, this oil is great for feeling awake and fresh.

Ylang Ylang:
Refreshing with a vibrant aroma.

This flower has been used for generations. It is thought to help with skin conditions and smells lovely.

Known as a mild antiseptic, it will leave skin feeling refreshed.

Known for being a smooth oil that leaves skin glossy and moisturised.

Tea Tree:
Naturally antibacterial with a very vibrant scent.

~ ~ ~

For external use only.
Keep away from children and pets.
If ingestion occurs, seek medical attention.
Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Avoid contact with eyes.
May contain traces of nuts.

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