Classikool [200g White Candy Melts and 10ml Food Colouring Sets: Choose A Set

Classikool [200g White Candy Melts and 10ml Food Colouring Sets: Choose A Set

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Select a Set of 200g White Candy Melts & (x3) 10ml Colouring:

BLUE HUES: Navy, Aqua, Royal Blue

VALENTINES: Red, Pink, Purple

ST PATRICKS: Green, Orange, Yellow

HALLOWEEN: Orange, Black, Red

AUTUMN/ FALL: Gold, Cocoa, Acorn Brown

Make custom colours of icing suited for you.

Once you've tried our candy melts, your heart will melt too (they're that good!)
They work as a brilliant chocolate alternative and taste amazing.

Pick a 10ml Colouring and simply add a drop at a time while stirring to make the melts burst with colour and taste.
The colours & flavours are super concentrated, so they will last a long time.

Perfect for coating cake pops on sticks (we also sell these!), making sweets for children's parties and all sorts of baked snacks.

Get baking and spread some smiles.

~ ~ ~
How to melt:

First method (we prefer this one):
Simply pop some into a bowl above hot water until they melt into a creamy liquid, then pour into moulds or dip in those cake pops!

Second method:
If you want to use the microwave, make sure you do this in 10 to 15 second bursts and stir the melts between every burst of the microwave. This will ensure that you do not burn the melts. 
If you do go a little too far with the microwave, just add a little vegetable oil to the melts and stir until they are back to normal.

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May contain traces of nuts.
Contains milk & soya.