Classikool 500ml Professional Slush Puppy Syrup [27 Choices] with Festive Flavours

  • £9.99

Our UK-made and branded syrup has the most incredible flavours and colours that are simply second to none.
Below are just a few reasons we think our syrup is by far the best you can get:

500ml Slush Syrup of your choice.

Dilute at a ratio of 6 -10 parts water/ice to 1 part syrup to suit taste.

Made from the finest British sugar.

Works with all machines.

Only the best ingredients are used.

Vibrant colours and flavours.

Huge amount of combinations flavour/colour variations.

Buy with confidence from a trusted UK seller.

Smiles all around!

~ ~ ~

May contain traces of nuts.
May stain fabrics.
Keep bottles away from pets and children.