Classikool 500ml Professional Slush Puppy Syrup: Choose Colour & Flavour

  • £9.99

This slush syrup has an incredible number of uses including: Slushies, Snow Cones, Cocktails, Ice Lollies and Freeze Cubes (just liquidize).

So simple to use and suitable for all machines.

30 delicious, strong flavours.

8 vibrant, fun colours.

Dilute at a ratio of 6 -10 parts water/ice to 1 part syrup to suit taste.

A little goes a long way, way more concentrated than others = saving you even more money.

Convenient size, highly concentrated superior syrup. You'll taste the quality.

For all other uses, dilute to taste.
~ ~ ~

May contain traces of nuts.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.