Classikool Activated Charcoal & Aloe Face Pull Detox Skin Care with Tea Tree Oil

  • £12.99

Our Charcoal and Aloe Face Pull is designed for use on the face, where it helps to cleanse pores while moisturising.

It contains Activated Charcoal which helps to remove dirt and grease by binding with it.
The Aloe Vera is soothing and naturally moisturises, leaving skin feeling soft and cool.

It also contains Tea Tree Oil, which has a refreshing aroma and natural antibacterial properties.

Our Face Pull is made of natural ingredients with no added colours. It is kind to your precious skin.

How to use:
Gently rub a thin layer of the Face Pull evenly over your face, taking care to avoid the eye area.
Leave in place until dry or mostly dry and then rinse off with clean warm or cool water.

~ ~ ~

May contain traces of nuts.
For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.
Keep away from children and pets.
If ingestion occurs, seek medical attention.
If irritation occurs, discontinue use and rinse area with clean water.