Classikool Alcohol Themed Drinks Food Flavouring: Concentrated Choices

  • £3.99

Our flavours are substantially stronger than local supermarket types. Classikool Flavours means "A little goes a very, very long way".

Our Alcohol Drinks range will give a vibrant kick to anything they're added to.

Choose from:
Pina Colada, Ice Tea, Tequila Sunrise, Cider, Pirate Rum, Mojito, Whiskey, Irish Cream, Beer, Brandy & Cherry Brandy in any of 4 size options.

Our food flavouring is amazing for adding to all your scrumptious treats. Try them in sweets, sugar, syrup, cake mixes, fudge, candy, milkshakes and much more.

You will wonder what you did without them!

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Keep away from children and pets.
May contain traces of nuts.
If eye contact occurs, wash well with water.