Classikool Bargain Baking Set: 1.5kg Strong Flour + 50g Bread Improver

  • £6.99

Our Baking Set is a cost effective way to get started with home baking. It is 1.5kg Bread Flour & 50g Bread Improver.

Classikool Strong Bread Flour:

  • Suited for home and professional baking. It is suitable for vegans.
  • Each packet of fresh wheat flour contains iron and protein, and is ready for use.
  • Make quality white loaves, buns, baguettes, cookies, biscuits, pizza bases and more.

Classikool Bread Improver:

  • Use it for lighter loaves, longer shelf life and better texture.
  • Easy to use for white and brown bread, all types of rolls and traditional crusts.  
  • Perfect for rye and similar bread to add lightness & texture.
  • Suitable for both baking by hand and in bread machines.

Use 1g of Classikool Bread Improver per 100g of White flour.
Use 2g of Classikool Bread Improver per 100g of Brown flour.

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May contain traces of nuts.
Bread Improver contains gluten and soya
Bread Flour contains wheat