Classikool Bread Baking Ingredients Multi Choice

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Baking something yummy? We have a handy listing with different ingredients in one place for you.

Classikool Bread Improver
This transforms your bread! Use it for lighter loaves, longer shelf life and better texture.
It's suitable for both baking by hand and in bread machines.

Use 1g of Classikool Bread Improver per 100g of White flour.
Use 2g of Classikool Bread Improver per 100g of Brown flour.

Wheat Flour, Soya Flour, Dextrose, Emulsifier (E472e), Vegetable Oil, Flour Treatment Agent (E300).

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Classikool Poppy Seeds
These seeds are top quality and suitable for a huge range of food uses, such as in baking, savoury dishes and desserts.
They can be used in naan breads, muffins, salads and more.

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Classikool Caraway Seeds
Caraway seeds have been used for centuries for their distinct anise flavour.
They are very popular in baked goods like rye bread, and make a delicious addition to savory foods such as curries and casseroles.

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May contain traces of nuts.
Poppy Seeds & Caraway Seeds may contain traces of nuts, seeds and sesame seeds and are prepared in a facility that handles sesame seeds & soya.
Bread improver contains gluten and soya.