Classikool [Clear Piping Gel & Food Colouring Sets] for Baking, Cake Decorating & Edible Writing

  • £13.99

High quality Piping Gel sets of 500ml Gel & (x3) 10ml Food Colouring for a wide range of baking and cooking uses.

Simply add a drop of 10ml Food Colouring at a time while stirring to make the gel burst with colour. The colours are super concentrated, so they will last a long time.

The Piping Gel is suitable for edible writing and drawing. It can be used for glazing jellies, sugarcraft creations, sweets, fruit and more.

It can also be decorated with edible glitter or sprinkles. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and has a long shelf life. Get baking and creating!

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May contain traces of nuts.
Colouring may stain fabrics.