Classikool [Corn Starch] Food Grade Maize Flour for Cooking, Baking & Oobleck

  • £3.99

Professional quality Corn Starch, also known as maize and cornflour, is natural and plant based. It is suitable for vegetarians and has a range of uses.

For food, it may be used instead of flour in some dishes. It can be added to thicken gravy, soups, custards and sauces.

It can also be used to starch laundry and in to add a non-stick quality to latex gloves.

Add some water and food colouring to make Oobleck: non-Newtonian fluid. It's safe for kids and a fun science experiment!

Each packet will arrive in a heat sealed pouch that can be resealed for easy storage.

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May contain traces of nuts.
Store sealed in a cool, dry place.