Classikool Holi Festival Powder: Bargain Bulk Sets of 7 Colours

  • £10.99

Add a dash of colour to any outdoors event with our vibrant Holi Powders

Holi is a Hindu festival popular in India and Nepal that celebrates the arrival of spring with handfuls of bright colour.

Throwing colourful powder is also a blast at marathons, 5K runs, music festivals or just for fun outdoors.

  • We have 7 colours per set: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red & Purple.

  • All available in 6 size choices: 50g Set, 70g Set, 100g Set, 250g Set, 500g Set, 1kg Set, 5kg Set.
  • Non toxic & non flammable.
  • Colours on clothing can wash off, but main stain if the fabric is heavily soiled. Colours on the ground/grass will wash away with rain or under a hose.
  • Cleaning tip: for easier cleaning of faces and hands, apply moisturiser before the party begins!

    Packaging may vary.

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May contain traces of nuts.
Avoid throwing directly into the face.
If eye contact occurs, wash with running water.
Will stain clothing & materials if heavily soiled.
Keep packets away from pets and children.