Classikool Instant Candy Floss Sugar 3 x 250g Bargain Party Sets Selection

  • £9.99

• Original fairground candy floss.
• 250g makes 10-20 servings.
• Loose and dry: machine ready!
• Resealable packets.

The Astronaut Ice Cream Flavours Set is:
250g White Vanilla
250g Brown Chocolate
250g Pink Strawberry

The Candy Treats Flavour Set is:
250g Blue Bubblegum
250g Yellow Butterscotch
250g Brown Toffee

The Very Berries Flavours Set is:
250g Blueberry
250g Strawberry
250g Raspberry
In Surprise Colours!

The Soda Surprise Flavours Set is:
250g Red Cherry Cola
250g Brown Cola
250g Pink Cream Soda

The Classic Fruit Flavours Set is:
250g Green Apple
250g Yellow Banana
250g Purple Passion Fruit

The Three Surprise Flavours Set is:
3 x 250g in Random Flavours & Colours

The Wedding Celebration Flavours Set is:
250g Yellow Champagne
250g Pink Prosecco
250g White White Chocolate

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May contain traces of nuts.
Colouring may cause adverse effects in attention and activity in children.