Classikool Milkshake Colouring & Flavouring Sets: 15 Sets and 3 Size Options

  • £5.98

Our Milkshake Sets will give a delicious flavour and vibrant colour to your homemade milkshakes!

Our food flavours are substantially stronger than local supermarket types. Classikool Flavours means "A little goes a very, very long way".

Our Droplet colouring is highly concentrated and should be used sparingly. They have a huge shelf life of years.

Choose from the following sets:
Peach - Peach
Acorn Brown - Chocolate
Aqua Blue - Bubblegum
Bright Red - Cherry
Carbon Black - Cola
Cocoa Brown - Chocolate
Dandelion Yellow - Butterscotch
Hot Pink - Candy Floss
Lavender Purple - Lavender
Leaf Green - Apple
Navy Blue - Violet
Red Wine - Rhubarb
Royal Blue - Blueberry
Satsuma Orange - Mango
Custom Colour - Custom Flavour (email us with your choices!)

Our food flavouring & colouring are amazing for adding to all your scrumptious treats. You can also try them in sweets, sugar, syrup, cake mixes, fudge, candy, and much more. You will wonder what you did without them!

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May stain soft fabrics.
May contain traces of nuts.