Classikool Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil for Beauty Skin Care, Massage & Aromatherapy

  • £3.99

Our Pumpkin Seed Oil is a natural oil made from pressed seeds of organically farmed pumpkins. It is a gentle plant based beauty oil.

This oil can be applied to all over the body as a moisturiser, leaving skin and nails feeling smooth and glossy.

It is suitable for blending into homemade lotions and beauty products.
It can be used as part of an aromatherapy blend, as a mild carrier oil for stronger fragrances. Pumpkin Seed Oil can also be mixed with other oils to make a moisturising massage blend for the entire body.

500ml & 1L sizes have a handy dispenser pump option.
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Keep out of reach of children and pets.
For external use only.
May contain traces of nuts.
Avoid contact with eyes.