Classikool Bread Improver: Pro Bakers' Quality and All-Purpose

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Classikool Bread Improver transforms your bread. We have many, many happy customers!

Use for lighter loaves, longer shelf life and better texture.

Easy to use for white and brown bread and all types of rolls.

Perfect for rye and similar bread to add lightness & texture.

It's great for traditional crusts.
Suitable for both baking by hand and in bread machines.

Use 1g of Classikool Bread Improver per 100g of White flour.

Use 2g of Classikool Bread Improver per 100g of Brown flour.

Wheat Flour, Soya Flour, Dextrose, Emulsifier (E472e), Vegetable Oil, Flour Treatment Agent (E300).

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May contain traces of nuts.
Contains gluten and soya.

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